St Vincent Library and Youth Centre

(Posted on 15/11/12)

Since the completion of the new nursery building, the charity has, over the past two or three years, been supporting a Youth Project in Mekele.

An old grain feeding warehouse has been converted into a centre which provides a library facility were students from any school, both boys and girls, can come to study both before and after school - local schools operate a shift system whereby some attend in the morning whilst others attend in the afternoon, although this is being phased out but is unlikely to be so until there is extra capacity in the schools.

Many, if not most, families do not have facilities at home where their children can continue their studies and the children do not have the necessary books. The library provides both of these but needs support for furniture and books as well as for maintaining the fabric of the building. The library is looked after by a number of librarians who work throughout the day and evening on a part time basis.

As well as the library, in a separate part of the building, there is a large area  where the young people can meet socially especially at the weekends where tutorials can be undertaken, health education provided, films can be watched and social events can take place. Gobaith i Ethiopia – Hope for Ethiopia have been able to help upgrade the book stock, to provide furniture – bookcases and desks in the library as well as providing much needed seating in the social area.   

Ongoing Education

Thanks to a grant from Wales Africa Community Links, Gobaith i Ethiopia has been able to support a number of students in short term training courses at the local Further Education College which allows students to expand their knowledge and give themselves a better opportunity of supporting themselves in the future.

St Vincent Library and Youth CentreSt Vincent Library and Youth CentreSt Vincent Library and Youth Centre

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